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Meet the Killer Klowns From Outer Space: Exclusive Class Details

IGN is pleased to exclusively reveal the five playable classes of Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game.

In the video above you can play 5 clowns: Trapstar, Tracker, Scout, Fighter and Tank. These his team of three clowns can cause chaos in his multiplayer matches, while his other seven players take on the role of humans in the town of Crescent his Cove. Each Clown possesses a ray gun that can trap a human in a cotton candy cocoon, a crown that allows him to jump to any point on the map previously discovered by the team, and the all-important healing laughter ability. I have it. In addition, each clown has his own set of distinctive skills.

trap star

Based on Rudy from the Killer Klowns movie, the Trapster is a class that lays traps designed to trap humans and help other Klowns find them. His main weapon is Jawbreaker, his mace that explodes popcorn on contact. When popcorn sticks to a human, all clowns can see the popcorn through walls and on the map, allowing Trapster to tag enemies with each mace attack. As a more grotesque trap option, he also has a Baby, a disgusting larva-like creature that hooks on humans and holds them in place. have a crown


Similar to Trapster, Tracker, inspired by the movie Spiky, can use popcorn to give the rest of the Clown team a human accent. Trackers include a popcorn bazooka for explosive long range options and a balloon dog that points to the closest human. As for fleeing enemies, Tracker can vault over obstacles, so you can chase them on foot or alternatively hop into his invisible vehicle that can run around the outdoor areas of the map. increase.


Jumbo the Scout is, as the name suggests, a scout class whose purpose is to cross the front lines and seek out enemies. He is the only Clown that can use his jump to dive into unexplored territory, making him an ideal scouting option. His hypnotic lure ability draws humans to him. Or you can use your lucky swap to get closer to being human in no time. A skill that instantly swaps Scouts with nearby AI minions.


Fighter, as his name suggests, is the group’s straight-up combat class. But this Clown, based on the movie Shorty, is much more than just a brawler. His Pizza Box His skill transforms him into a pizza box, so anyone who’s ever played a prop hunting game will know. Useful for a little stealth between roughs and tumbles. Like the Tracker, the Fighter can also chase humans with speed, but his speedy tricycle can also be used indoors.


The final class inspired by the movie Chubby is the tank. Equipped with an expandable jawbreaker that can be charged to increase range and power, the tank is the most physically formidable clown in the troupe. His Sticky Bash His ability allows him to lay down a carpet of Cottonhis candy and trap anyone caught in it. Also, Rage with his Rush skill, can charge towards enemies and smash through obstacles. Tank is also able to recreate his one of the film’s most memorable scenes. You can gain a temporary movement speed buff by sticking a straw into a human trapped in a cotton candy cocoon and swallowing it whole.

For more on Outer Space: The Game’s Killer Klowns, check out our interview with Executive Director Randy Greenback and our video comparing the game and the movie.

Matt Purslow is IGN’s UK News and Features Editor.

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