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Meet Your Maker: First-Look Preview

Behavior Interactive, developers of Dead by Daylight, gave us more details on what they have in store for them next. Meet Your Maker is set in a sort of last-punk post-apocalypse where the last survivors of humanity shoot and slash each other in order to obtain the most precious resource imaginable: pure genetic material. increase. The setting is probably the most mundane thing about this game. In terms of design, he hopes to fuse two seemingly contradictory genres to create a truly unique online experience.

Meet Your Maker is two sub-games in one: a base builder and a fast-paced dungeon shooter. In the first bit, build an outpost full of winding paths and traps like bomb ejectors and spiky walls to keep your genetic material prizes safe from incoming player raiders. From the footage it’s hard to get a sense of just how big these objects can get, but they look huge. I don’t know if there are.. Once you’ve finished crafting Death Fortress, you can put AI guards in place to handle various forms of gunslings and blade swings to chase down oncoming raiders. You can also set paths to patrol. All very cool and creative stuff.

Manufacturer Introduction Screenshot

However, this seems like a lot to learn. It feels like it takes an awful lot of trial and error to get something like this right. Without a good tutorial to begin with, many people can be seen skipping this feature entirely and attacking the more diligent and determined players who didn’t. Just like more people play Dreams creation than they do. That said, user friendliness seems to be a big priority here, as there are plenty of features that are only lightly exposed and hinted at here, such as being able to quickly test traps as a raider on the fly.

For those who love first-person shooters like Doom, this combat will be very engaging.

The other half of the game is raiding other people’s outposts yourself. Running through enemy outposts requires speed and reflexes to be prepared for anything, adjust plans on the fly, and respond to sudden problems. In addition to your own wits, you can acquire an arsenal of weapons such as the deadly bowgun and the punchy shotgun. The sword seems to be an option for close-range encounters, and can also be used defensively to deflect incoming projectiles. All in all, the combat looks very appealing for those who like first-person shooters like Doom.

The main goal is to return genetic material to the sanctuary for Chimera, a biological experiment that will lead to future possibilities for humanity. Raids, however, have heaps of other loot, including weapon upgrades and new building materials that let you tweak your own outpost. You can advance on time.You can also recruit friends and raid together in co-op. Approaching challenges with different eyes, ears, and guns can make a difference.

We still have a lot to learn about Meet Your Maker. Behavior Interactive plans to officially launch in 2023, but interested parties can sign up for the first closed playtest in the coming weeks.

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