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Meta Acquires Resident Evil 4 VR Developer Armature Studio

Meta has announced that it has acquired Armature Studio, the Texas-based studio behind Resident Evil 4 VR.

Meta and Armature worked with Capcom to port Resident Evil 4 to Meta Quest 2 last year. Meta Quest 2 has been rebuilt from the ground up to accommodate your playstyle. According to Meta, Resident Evil 4 VR was a huge success, earning $2 million on the Quest Store within his first 24 hours of release and winning Best VR/AR Game at the 2021 Game Awards.

Prior to Resident Evil 4 VR, Armature Studio had developed two other VR games. Both are original IP — fail factory 2017 and sports scramble 2019.

In my review last year, I noted that it offered a fresh take on one of the most ported entries in Capcom’s popular survival-horror series. A lot of content was missing at launch, but months after release, Armature rolled out a major update to his game that included his Mercenaries mode with additional content such as the option to get the Chicago Typewriter.

In addition to acquiring Armature, Meta has acquired two additional game development studios: Camoflaj Team, the studio behind Marvel’s Iron Man VR, and Twisted Pixel, the developers behind Path of the Warrior. I also confirmed that it was acquired. “It will take some time to reveal what they are working on, but we look forward to continuing to work with and support these developers as they bring their ambitious and forward-thinking games to VR.” Meta said in a blog post. About recent acquisitions.

Meta doesn’t go into too much detail about what Armature is currently working on, but the success of Resident Evil 4 VR boasts both Meta and Armature’s portfolios, and we’re excited to see Meta acquire other VR ports. would be interesting. Currently, Meta is developing a VR version of Grand Theft Atuo: San Andreas.

Meta has acquired more developers for its VR games division, just some of the announcements made at today’s Meta Connect keynote. Read on for a roundup of everything announced at today’s event.

Taylor is an Associate Tech Editor at IGN. You can follow her on her Twitter @Tay Nixster.

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