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Meta is Ending Support for the Original Quest VR Headset

Meta officially ends support for the original Quest virtual reality headset.

In an email sent to original Meta Quest owners, the company announced that it would no longer ship new features to its standalone VR headsets.However, the company plans to continue adding software and security patches through 2024. am.

According to Meta, Quest 1 owners will still be able to use apps compatible with their headsets. However, these users will no longer be able to create or join parties. Additionally, original quest owners will no longer have access to the social features available in Meta Horizon Home after March 5th. This includes inviting other people to your Meta Horizon home or visiting other people’s homes.

Support for the original Meta Quest seemed to have ended in recent months, so this announcement comes as no surprise.The clearest example was last July when BigBox VR, a subsidiary of Meta Critically acclaimed VR battle royale shooter Population One drops support for Quest 1The developer has offered Quest 1 owners a refund for Population: One, with the caveat that the game must be purchased within the past six months of the announcement.

Meta is still all-in on the VR department, despite reports of massive losses as they focus on the Metaverse as Quest 2 ends its support. With Quest Pro’s release last year and Meta Quest 3 confirmed to launch this year, it will be interesting to see how long it takes for Quest 2 to end support.

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