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Meta Quest 2 Deal: Get an Elite Strap for Free

Anyone looking to buy a wireless VR headset should consider the Meta Quest 2 first. Meta Quest 2 is the best in terms of price, quality, and availability of games and apps. For a limited time only, between now and January 19th, purchase Meta Quest 2 and throw in an Elite Strap for free (see on Amazon). These typically cost $59.99, so they’re a great value proposition.

Free Elite Strap With Any Meta Quest 2 Purchase

The Elite Strap is an add-on that makes using Meta Quest 2 more comfortable. The standard Quest 2 uses a fabric strap, which makes the headset feel a little more front weighted and possibly loose. , with a flexible rear brace for a more secure fit. The device is also better balanced, with wheels that twist to tighten the headset to your head.

Meta Quest 2 is still the best bet for most people when it comes to the current VR market. It’s cheaper than the upcoming PSVR 2 and doesn’t need to be connected to a PS5 to run. It’s a lot cheaper than the upcoming HTC Vive XR Elite.If you want to run games that are more impressive than the Quest 2’s hardware allows, like Half Life: Alyx, you can plug it into your gaming PC and run a regular You can use it like a VR headset. It’s versatile, comfortable, and priced much lower than most of its competitors. Check out our first Meta Quest 2 review for more details.

Our only regret is that the previous Meta Quest 2 promotion has ended. It was available during the holiday season for $349.99 and came with Beat Saber and Resident Evil 4. This promotion has ended, so there are no more pack-in games. But for those who missed out on previous promotions, getting a free Elite Strap is a bargain.

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