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Meteor Lake CPUs Could Play Videos, Use QuickSync Without a GPU

In a surprising twist, Intel’s future 14th Gen Meteor Lake CPU architecture will completely separate the video playback and encoding functions from the integrated graphics, splitting them into new areas called SMUs or Standalone Media Units on the CPU. reported. Reported by Phoronix. This is an important change by Intel that allows media functionality to always be available even when the integrated graphics chip is disabled.

In a real-world scenario, when Meteor Lake launches, users building gaming PCs or content creation machines on future platforms will get all of Intel’s high-quality video decoding engines and Intel Access to QuickSync technology. Discrete graphics card. Free up memory and power resources and shift them entirely to the CPU. Things get even better if you have an older discrete GPU installed that lacks modern hardware accelerated codecs such as AV1 or H265 encoding.

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