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Microsoft’s Firings Indicate It Has Abandoned XR Ambitions

Just before the weekend, we got official confirmation of Microsoft’s plans to lay off 10,000 people. The layoffs were significant, equating to almost 5% of all employees, or 1/20th of the jobs, even for an employer the size of Microsoft.We are still reeling from news and social media posts (opens in new tab) Microsoft began delineating areas of business where it felt it could lay off entire teams of employees. Some may be surprised to learn that the teams behind projects like HoloLens, AltSpaceVR, and MRTK (Mixed Reality Tool Kit) have been wiped out entirely.

Now that Microsoft has joined the likes of Google, we don’t need to think any further about the scale of Microsoft’s layoffs. Facebook, Amazon Others taking this route for shareholder appeasement in the current recession. Instead, it’s interesting to focus on Microsoft’s headcount cuts.

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