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Minisforum NAG6 Melds i9-12900H and RX 6600M in 2.7-Liter Case

Minisforum has announced a new high-end minigaming PC joining the Neptune series. Dubbed the Minisforum NAG6 Mini PC, the design packs an Intel Core i9-12900H and an AMD Radeon RX 6600M into his extremely compact 2.7 liter chassis. At the same showcase event in Japan, computer watch The Hong Kong-based mini PC maker also noted that it has updated the HX90G with a new generation AMD Ryzen ‘Rembrandt’ processor.

According to the source publication, Minisforum NAG6 is still under development, so the specifications and designs shared are subject to change by the release date. However, the specs we know at this stage make this design an attractive off-the-shelf or barebones mini PC option, as long as the price is right.

The new Minisforum NAG6 resembles the established HX90G in some ways. The HX90G is a member of the Neptune series and he was announced in May before going on sale in September. The new NAG6 is also shown mounted on a pedestal and appears to be about the same size (2.7 liters). That means it could be 8 x 8 x 2.5 inches (without stand). However, this Intel-powered design has some notable differences, including a stronger fan array (three instead of two) and a larger heatsink. The case appears to be extensively vented to aid cooling.

(Image credit: Mini Forum Japan)

Some may comment on the similarities between the Minisforum NAG6 and the new Intel NUC 13 Extreme ‘Raptor Canyon’. However, Intel’s compact PC is a much larger (not NUC-like) dual-chamber 13.9-liter design, offering the flexibility of desktop parts such as socketed CPUs and discrete GPUs. Minisforum users have similarly limited upgrade options for laptop users. This is reasonable considering the 2.7 liter size and the laptop components used.

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