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MLB The Show 23 Will Feature Legends From the Negro Leagues

Major League Baseball, the Negro League Baseball Museum and San Diego Studios have partnered to bring baseball’s Negro League legends to MLB The Show 23.

In a video posted by MLB twitterSpeaking about the partnership, Negro League Baseball Museum Director Bob Kendrick said he was thrilled to “take you on a journey back to the Negro League and introduce you to the worst brothers and sisters who ever played this game.” I was. Check out the full video below for yourself. It introduces players and shares a brief history of Negro Leagues.

The new game mode for MLB The Show 23 is called Storylines: A New Game Experience Celebrating The Negro Leagues. MLB The Show 23 has his eight black league legends in Satchel Paige, Jackie Robinson, Buck O’Neill, Lube Foster, Hilton Smith, Hank Thompson, John Donaldson and Martin Dihigo.

MLB announced Its storyline features a narrative experience for each featured Negro League player, with “short videos about the player mixed with gameplay centered around key moments in their career.” Players are also available in exhibition mode and other areas of the game.

This is not a passing idea either. MLB The Show 23 will feature Season 1 of the storyline, and the all-new MLB The Show game will include a new roster of Negro League Legends. Kendrick told the story in this mode, and it also helped pick a list of Negro his leaguers to feature in the years to come.

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