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Monoprice Joule Review: Cheap 3D Printer, No New Ideas

If you’ve been with a 3D printing aficionado for a long time, you’ve probably heard the word “cloning” thrown around. To be honest, I refer to and use a not-unique 3D printer, many of the machines on the market today, and the Monoprice Joule takes cloning one step further. Boxerab Aquila X2, reviewed in 2021. “Rebadging” is when a company resells an existing product manufactured by another company under its own label. Costco has a lot of rebadged products. Anything with the Kirkland label was made by someone else and sold under Costco’s own brand.

Retailing at $199.99, the Monoprice Joule has similar features to the 2020 model. creative ender 3 v2 (opens in new tab) About $79 cheaper. Both machines have glass beds, manual leveling, Bowden extruders, and color LED interfaces with knobs.

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