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Moonbreaker Completely Removes Its Microtransactions and Monetization

The developers behind Moonbreaker have completely overhauled their early access business model to remove all microtransactions and monetization from the game.

Developer Unknown Worlds has detailed the game’s first major content update called “Zax’s Story.” Posting on Moonbreaker’s Steam pageThe newly released patch includes a number of community-driven changes to gameplay, including the removal of monetization which means the in-game store will be disabled and in-game currency will be withdrawn.

“We have read and evaluated everything suggested on the Discord and Nolt boards, which has already helped guide the decision to remove Cargo Run Contracts from Moonbreaker. We’ve diligently reviewed all areas,” said Unknown Worlds. The post addresses the changes we are making to better reflect our Early Access goals.

As such, Pulsar will no longer be available and all Pulsar purchases will be automatically refunded via Steam, while the Founders Pack Pulsar will be replaced with the new Zacks and Slopper skins. Blanks and merits are replaced by sparks that can be used to upgrade unit rarities, but all units are unlocked in the base game and booster boxes are gone.

The developer added an FAQ-style section at the end of the blog post in hopes of answering any questions players may have related to the update. Various changes have been made based on ongoing Early Access feedback, including ship assist, removing some of the in-game randomness, and more.

In his Moonbreaker Early Access review, IGN’s Matt Purslow raised concerns about the game’s loot-box-filled microtransaction system. He said it “hurt the experience”, but the update brings these changes and allows you to play a “fun and friendly skirmish game” that is “focused on smart turn-by-turn tactics”. It is now

Adele Ankers-Range is a freelance writer for IGN. Follow her on Twitter.

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