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Moore Threads MTT S80 GPU Escapes China, Gets Benchmarked

Japanese tech site computer watch has successfully acquired a Moore Threads MTT S80 graphics card. The card uses a GPU that appears to use the Imagination Technologies PowerVR architecture, despite the obfuscation introduced by Moore Threads management. Even if we turned the clock back to 2015, this wouldn’t be on the list of best graphics cards, but we’d love to see cards like this tested outside of China in the benchmarks and games we’re all familiar with. It’s good to start with

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We’re pretty sure the PowerVR architecture is behind the card, but PC Watch reported straight from Moore Threads on the MTT S80 specs. As such, the card uses the Chunxaio architecture and employs 4096 of his MUSA cores. Other specs include a GPU clock speed of 1.8 GHz and a peak performance of 14.2 TFLOPS. The sample tested by PC Watch has 16 GB of GDDR6 14 Gbps memory, connected to the GPU via a 256-bit bus, yielding a bandwidth of 448 GB/s.

The MTT S80 is relatively power hungry with a TGP (Total Graphics Power) of 255W. Perhaps that’s why it includes a triple-fan design. Also interesting is that the card uses a PCI Express Gen5 x16 connector. Of course, these raw specs don’t tell the whole story, and driver support may still be a major factor in performance. But let’s see what PC Watch discovered in our testing.

Before we look at the benchmarks and game tests, it’s worth noting that the PC Watch has found a number of current games that the MTT S80 can’t run, even with a supported motherboard, OS and CPU. . The DX12 and Vulkan games were insurmountable hurdles for this card, but some of his DX11 titles were able to run with varying degrees of success. The latest benchmarks face similar problems and the latest stable and usable version of 3DMark is his 3DMark 06.

(Image credit: Moore Threads)
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PC Watch Graphics Test Summary
graphic test MTT S80 GTX1050Ti
3D Mark 06 28589 61414
Unigin Valley (DX9) 2707 5180
Counter-Strike: Global Offense (DX9) 92.5 211.5
Payday 2 (DX9) 72.6 104.3
Dragon Quest X (DX9) 103.3 156.9
Rainbow Six Siege (DX11) 35.0 165.5
Apex Legends (DX11) 29.9 108.9
The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim SE (DX11) 25.2 70.2
Asset Corsa (DX11) 3.5 318.9
Final Fantasy XIV (DX11) 32.8 55.5
Valheim (DX11) 19.3 30.0
overall geographic average 90.0 277.1

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