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MSI Afterburner Project ‘Probably Dead,’ Due to Ukraine War Sanctions (Updated)

One of the most popular GPU performance monitoring and tuning tools is “probably dead,” a developer announced. Alexey ‘Unwinder’ Nicolaychuk, the Russian developer of his MSI Afterburner, took part in the Guru3D forums last week explain Its progress has already been halted for almost a year due to “political issues”.[al] This is clearly a reference to the war in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia, and is endorsed by many companies such as MSI and Asus.

News about the end of MSI Afterburner development came to light when a forum member was talking ‘Unwinder’ about using the tool with new AMD Radeon RX 7000 graphics cards like the RX 7900 XT. In response to a question about upcoming support for the new RDNA3 GPUs, the developer revealed that those waiting for new GPU support have probably been waiting for a very long time. It is possible that you are.

(Image credit: Guru3D Forum)

‘Unwinder’ has informed its forum mates that MSI Afterburner has already been stalled for some time. It’s been almost a year since MSI collaborated on software with Russian developers. Apparently, his Afterburner license agreement, which was key to the company’s developer relationship, was effectively dissolved about 11 months ago. “Unwinder” attempted to keep updating and improving the project without the support of MSI’s hardware and software resources, but opined that the task was like “whipping a dead horse.” . He said he would continue to provide support for his GPU tools in his spare time, but now would have to focus on other paid projects just to pay the bills.

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