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MSI Preps a Host of Intel Z790 Motherboards with DDR4

Intel’s Z690 platform introduced DDR5 to the desktop market, but early DDR5 modules were very expensive and didn’t quite meet performance expectations. But as fast DDR5 kits get cheaper, newer types of memory become more attractive, which is why we expected most of Intel’s Z790-based platforms to feature DDR5 instead of DDR4. we were wrong MSI is preparing a host of his Z790 based motherboards with good old DDR4 memory.

MSI is readying Z790 Edge DDR4, Z790 Tomahawk DDR4 and Z790 Pro DDR4 motherboards that combine Intel’s latest chipset and DDR4 memory. (opens in new tab) (and discovered by momomo_us (opens in new tab)). These mainboards support up to DDR4-5333+ memory modules with 1 DIMM per channel configuration and up to DDR4-4400+ sticks with 2 DIMMs per channel setup. However, a lot depends on the power of the CPU and the processor’s cooling system.

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