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MSI RX 6600 8GB for $189, Easily the Best GPU Value

There are many Black Friday graphics card deals going on, but the best one so far is AMD’s RX 6600. Priced at just $189 (after a $20 rebate), it’s a decent GPU for under $200. Even before the current sale, he was ranked one of the best graphics cards, but now it’s $30 cheaper than you’ve ever seen.

You can see where performance stacks up in the GPU benchmark hierarchy, but here are some performance charts and other details.Short summary is that it’s a bit slower than Save $125 On RTX 3060 (opens in new tab). Also, RTX 3050 $75 cheaper (opens in new tab) Blows away similar priced ones GTX 1660 Super (opens in new tab).

We don’t like any form of mail-in rebate, but even at $209 the RX 6600 is pretty awesome. It’s primarily for 1080p games and can typically handle high to ultra settings while still offering 60 fps at that resolution. Light esports and older games can even manage 60+ fps at 1440p and 4K. Don’t expect a great experience even with ray tracing and maxing out your game settings.

Here we’re looking at 1080p ultra-rasterization performance alongside moderate ray tracing performance at 1080p. For your information, the power consumption peaks right near the rated 132W mark — when we reviewed the RX 6600 last year, FurMark measured 137W gaming and 140W. But don’t reopen old wounds. For comparison, I’ve included cards priced less than about $300 in the chart.

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