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Multiversus Season 1 Release Date Confirmed

It’s official – MultiVersus Season 1 starts on August 15th, 2022.

statement Via Twitter has confirmed a new release date for Warner Bros. Online Platform Fighter, as well as details about the new Battle Pass.

“We are excited to announce that Season 1 will launch on August 15th with an all-new Battle Pass to earn in-game rewards!” the statement reveals. “We can also confirm that Morty will be joining the character roster on August 23rd as part of Season 1. We look forward to sharing even more in the coming weeks!”

Obviously, the other big news here is that Morty (of Rick & Morty fame) At the end He will enter the game as a playable character on August 23rd. Good news for fans of the show.

But Warner Bros. Games has also revealed additional information about Season 1, and it looks like more than just one piece of content will drop when the game launches. Instead, it introduces new game modes and more through the first Battle Pass.

“Just a quick note: not everything we bring you in Season 1 will drop on the same day,” they revealed. “New modes and content will be unfolding throughout the season, and we will continue to share our schedule of exciting events!”

It’s not just a few days and Season 1 is launching right away. The game’s launch was delayed recently, so that would be a huge relief.

multiversus characters

Some fans speculated that this might have something to do with the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, but game director Tony Heung was quick to put things right.

“For those wondering, we are not affected by the merger of Discovery and Warner Bros.,” he said.

And while the player base quickly surpassed 10 million, most fans didn’t disappoint.

Want to know more about Multiversus? For a full list of playable characters and tips and tricks for getting the most out of your matchups, check out our Character Guide.

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