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MultiVersus Season 2 Kicks Off With Battle Pass Update and More

MultiVersus Season 2 begins today, Warner Bros. share Some of the content heading towards crossover fighting games. Season 2 introduces several new challengers. The first confirmed new fighter is Looney Tunes’ Marvin the Martian. The character hails from Mars and is sent to destroy Earth without any success.

Season 2 will also feature new stages based on Game of Thrones. The iconic Iron Throne is in the background of the stage, and the music is an all-new remix of the Game of Thrones theme music.

The Season 2 Battle Pass is packed with new badges, icons, banners, and taunts to unlock. There are also new character variants of him, including Tom and Jerry of Baker Street and Astronaut Velma, along both the free and premium Battle Pass tracks.

WB Games patch notes Season 2 highlights include:

  • No Battle Pass Tier Without Rewards
  • You can equip up to 3 badges at once
  • ‘Silly Queue’ includes fun game modes and items
  • New Game Type: Big Head Mode
  • Added 3 new items: bounce pads, proximity mines, and drumsticks
  • New Cosmetics Including Uncle Shagworthy and Samurai Batman
  • Space Jam maps now keep score for baskets you make
  • Simplified introductory tutorial
  • Also added character balance updates and network/latency improvements

The first season of MultiVersus featured a number of crazy crossovers, including Gremlins stars Gizmo, Black Adam, and more. The game got off to a strong start, debuting as the best-selling game in the US in July, and on the way he passed 10 million players. A recent leak of Mark Hamill’s Joker could make an appearance in the game, so there could be even more exciting characters.

In its review for MultiVersus, WB called the platform’s fighting game “awesome,” stating that “MultiVersus may take time to expand its currently limited stage and character selection to live up to its glorious potential.” No, but the foundation is already solid.”

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