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MycelioTronics Wants to Create PCBs From Fungi

Australian company MycelioTronics is solving the electronics waste problem with a creative biomaterials approach. Replaces the usual layering components of the PCB with a fungal-mycelium skinExtracted from the mushroom reishi mushroom, this mycelium skin has been shown to develop PCB-like properties (such as heat resistance, flexibility and insulating properties), but its biological origins It makes the disassembly and recycling process much easier.

There are many sustainability initiatives taking place in the electronics industry. This is especially true for PCBs that use rare minerals (such as copper and gold), epoxy resins, and chemical elements. It is so intricately connected, wired and sandwiched that recycling efforts are very difficult. Recycling usually leads to the use of chemicals that are harmful to the environment and can separate some of the constituent materials.

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