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Nerf Halo Needler Is Now Available

Halo fans, be careful. Nerf has a new dart his blaster based on the classic Needler weapon from the Halo series. This is part of the Nerf LMTD collection which offers premium and special edition items aimed at various fandoms.Announced last year, it’s finally out Amazon and several other retailers with a suggested retail price of $99.99.

Nerf LMTD Halo Needleler

Blasters come at a premium price, but they do more than regular Nerf guns. Weapon needles and other accents light up when you squeeze the handle. Comes with a 10-dart rotating drum and 10 Nerf Elite darts.

It also comes with a stand so you can place it on a shelf or desk for display. And you can turn on a special display mode that turns on all the lights inside the blaster.

Also includes code to unlock in-game content for Halo Infinite. This is not the only Nerf/Halo crossover item. Here are some others currently available:

Other Nerf Halo Blasters

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