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Netflix VP Confirms Cloud Gaming Ambitions

A Netflix vice president has confirmed that the company has ambitions to offer cloud gaming services to its subscribers. At his TechCrunch Disrupt event on Tuesday, VP of Gaming Mike Verdu said: Said Netflix says it is “seriously considering offering cloud gaming.”In related news, further signaling Netflix’s serious intentions regarding the gaming industry, the company said Fifth A game studio led by former Executive Producer of Blizzard Entertainment (Overwatch), Chacko Sonny.

There have been talks of Netflix entering the gaming industry for some time, but its first venture was targeted at the mobile gaming space. They must have earned their trust from mobile gaming ventures, and it seems like cloud gaming will follow a similar modus operandi. It’s thoughtful,” Verdu explained to Disrupt. “The extension to the cloud is to reach other devices where people experience Netflix.” Additionally, the service hints at moving beyond casual gaming titles.

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