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New Details on Cancelled Zelda Sheik Game Seemingly Emerge: ‘It Was an Experiment Gone Wrong’

New details have emerged about the Sheik game that was in development at Retro Studios. The Zelda spin-off he’s been in various stages of early development for three years has reportedly led to its cancellation after one developer described the simple gameplay as “an experiment gone awry.” .

The game itself remained a mystery after it was first officially revealed in 2020 through concept art. did you know gaming We’ve published a new report that appears to contain a lot of details about the canned game, codenamed both ‘Project X’ and ‘Sheik’.

Early concept art shows that Retro was toying with some unusual ideas, such as introducing a new race based on the Axolotl and the Clockwork Automaton, and the storyline reportedly included the time Master Sword is the head of Ocarina’s dark timeline.

Sadly, the game itself sounded less ambitious than its setup. An anonymous source familiar with the project said the gameplay style was never called “traditional Zelda.” Former Retro his programmer Paul Tozour adds:

“I see people on the internet commenting on that concept art…and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, Retro was working on a Zelda game. But what they have to understand is that it wasn’t really a Zelda game. was wrong.

According to Tozour, the prototype gameplay saw Sheik travel through the Overworld before using the Wii Remote to battle a group of wolves that could be described as “a simplified version of Whack-A-Mole.”

“There were four or five wolves, maybe six, but they were idle waiting to pounce on you, one by one they jumped and you ‘whacked’. So it just detected when the player waved his Wii Remote and that was literally it.

Tozour said he and others raised concerns about the simplicity of gameplay, which were rejected by Retro’s leadership. It’s not clear if Nintendo was ever presented with the concept, or if the game was canceled before it was presented to the publisher. may have come down to the fact that some executives from Retro left Retro to found Armature Studio. Whatever the reason, Sheikh’s project was officially discontinued in April 2008.

DidYouKnowGaming report It contains more details, including multiple art from the game, and is worth checking out if you’re interested.

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