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New Fire Emblem Engage Trailer Features Emblem Marth and More

The latest trailer for Fire Emblem Engage features a fierce competition for the 12 Emblem Rings.

The next installment in the Fire Emblem series got its first trailer from Nintendo on Wednesday, introducing heroes old and new. I see it trying to piece together the past to fight a certain Fel Dragon.

They must bring peace to the Elyos continent by collecting Emblem Rings, each containing the power to summon Fire Emblem heroes from other worlds, including Marth of course.

Check out the full trailer below.

Marth, or to be clear Emblem Marth, seems to be Alea’s personal protector, fighting alongside him in a dangerous battle.

According to Nintendo, summoning heroes is known to be attractive. When a player engages a hero, they can inherit the hero’s weapons, skills, and more. The relationship between Marth and Alea has yet to be clarified, but it seems quite possible that Emblem Marth will turn to the dark side.

But heroes don’t stop there. Alongside Marth, emblem rings also seem to point to the return of Sigurd and Cecilia.Fire Emblem Engage also introduces an all-new cast of characters to assist Alear in his quests.

One such character is the Crown Prince of Brodia, the Kingdom of Power. The other characters don’t receive much other information, but with a sneak peek at their designs, Fire Emblem seems to promise a hilarious new edition of his saga.

Fire Emblem Engage releases for Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

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