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New York Game Awards 2023: Elden Ring Wins Two Awards as Phil Spencer Is Honored

The New York Game Awards 2023 have arrived, honoring the Andrew Yun Legend Award, CEO of Microsoft Gaming and Head of Xbox Phil Spencer, while Elden Ring won Game of the Year and Best World Awards at the show.

The New York Video Game Critics Circle hosted the 12th Annual New York Game Awards tonight, January 17, recognizing the best games, actors, esports athletes and journalists of 2022.

Elden Ring was the only game to win multiple categories. That meant many games were given the spotlight they deserved, including Vampire Survivors, God of War Ragnarok, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and Immortality.

As I mentioned earlier, Phil Spencer won. Andrew Yun Legend Award The award is “presented by the New York Video Game Critics Circle to recognize people and organizations that have exhibited significant and enduring work that demonstrates outstanding artistic achievement and innovation.”

“Phil and I have been in the industry for many years and have always admired his ability to find new and creative ways to serve gamers,” said former industry and COO director of NYVGCC. said Reggie Fils-Aimé, “Phil is not only a gaming industry executive, he is a gamer himself and knows exactly what fans want when it comes to the Xbox brand. Honored fellow Andrew Yun Legend Award winner We are thrilled to have him join us and look forward to celebrating his illustrious career at the New York Game Awards this January.”

Great White Way Award for Best Performance

  • Alex Jarrett as Zoe Walker in “As Dusk Falls”
  • Ashley Burch as Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West
  • Christopher Judge to play Kratos in ‘God of War: Ragnarok’
  • Grace Zabriskie as Eliza Vorez in The Quarry
  • Justice Smith as Ryan Elserer in The Quarry
  • Manon Gage as Immortal Marissa Marcel – Winner

Coney Island Dreamland Award Best AR/VR Game

  • bone lab
  • lost recipe
  • Moss: Book II – Winner
  • Wizard of the Ruins
  • Last Clockwinder

Central Park Children’s Zoo Awards Best Kids Game

  • Odyssey of Harmony
  • Kirby and the Forgotten Land – WINNER
  • Mario + Rabbids Spark of Hope
  • Moss: Book II
  • Pokemon Legends: Arceus
  • splatoon 3
  • tunic

A-Train Award Best Mobile Game Award

  • Desta: Memory Between
  • Marvel Snap – Winner
  • poimpy
  • rail bound
  • wildflower

Freedom Tower Award Best Remake Award

  • Atari 50: Anniversary Celebration
  • Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion
  • Life is Strange Remastered Collection
  • live a live
  • Stanley’s Fables: Ultra Deluxe – Winner

Joltin Joe Award Best Esports Player of the Year

  • Arslan “Arslan Ash” Siddique (FATE Esports/Red Bull Esports) – Tekken 7
  • Bryan “pANcada” Luna (Sentinels, formerly with LOUD) – Valorant
  • Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu (DWG KIA) – League of Legends
  • Masaya “aMSa” Chikamoto (VGBootCamp/Red Bull Esports) – Super Smash Bros. Melee – Winner
  • Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev (Natus Vincere) – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Yoo “smurf” Myeong-hwan (Boston Uprising) – Overwatch

Chumley’s Speakeasy Award for Best Hidden Gem

  • a memory blue
  • Norco
  • Patrick’s Parabox
  • Perfect Tides
  • strange gardening
  • golden idol incident
  • wayward strand

NYC GWB Awards Best DLC

  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Tombs of the Fallen Pt.
  • Bugsnax: The Island of BIGsnax
  • Destiny 2: Witch Queen – Winner
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator: Top Gun Maverick DLC
  • Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Knickerbocker Award Best Game Journalism Award

  • Justin Heckert vanity fair

Elizabeth Jennings Graham Award for Best Educator

Andrew Yun Legend Award Winner

The New York Video Game Critics Circle is a 501(c)3 non-profit multicultural organization made up of “40 of the best video game critics, writers, reporters and bloggers in the country.” NYVGCC members are giving back by “providing NYC school students with scholarship, mentoring, and community outreach.”

For more on the best games of 2022, be sure to check out IGN’s selection of the best games of last year and the 10 games IGN gave last year in the world of gaming and entertainment.

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