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Newegg: Refund Issued for RTX 4090 Box Filled With Metal Weights

A Newegg rep told Tom’s Hardware in an email that they have refunded a customer who claimed to have received a metal block instead of the Nvidia Geforce RTX 4090. The company also claims that banning customer accounts is a “normal” part of its fraud investigation process.

Eric Wein, Head of Public Relations and Partnerships at Newegg, said: tom’s hardware.

“We suspended his account for a few days, which is our normal protocol when investigating fraud cases, so we can investigate. (This protects our customers if someone else gains access to their account. )”

The ban was part of the first complaint by Reddit user u/NuclearInnardsBeep, who wrote at the time, “Newegg seems to have locked my account without responding. That’s great.”

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