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Nightingale Has Been Delayed to Add Unreal Engine 5 Support

The upcoming Victorian fantasy game Nightingale has been postponed.

Statement from developer Inflexion Games Post to Twitter Nightingale has been delayed until “early 2023” to upgrade to Unreal Engine 5. Unfortunately, no specific release date has been set yet.

“We have made the difficult decision to postpone the Nightingale Early Access release to the first half of 2023,” Inflexion revealed. “We will provide more news at a later stage regarding specific timings.”

There are two very good reasons for the delay in Nightingale’s Early Access release.

“The first is an upgrade to Unreal Engine 5,” the studio revealed. “After considering the possibilities UE5 offers, we decided to upgrade now rather than wait until after release.”

“Second, Inflexion Games is committed to delivering the best experience possible and fulfilling the promise of what the world of the Nightingale realm has to offer players. The time will allow the team to make important improvements, enhance content, and polish gameplay.”

Nightingale – Summer Game Fest 2022

No new release date has been set, but Nightingale is expected to debut in early 2023.

“We’ll see more game and development updates from the team in the coming weeks,” they confirmed. It may be a while before the mysterious fairy portal opens, but thank you for traveling with us.”

Nightingale is a shared world survival crafting game in a fantasy setting with a decidedly Victorian twist.

“You are stranded beyond our world, cut off by the sudden collapse of a mysterious portal network,” a brief synopsis reads. Countless people are fighting for survival in the labyrinth of a mysterious and dangerous realm. .”

Want to know more about Nightingale? Learn more about Nightingale gameplay, creatures, world and lore.

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