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No RDNA 3 Update for More Power Tool, Says Developer

When AMD First Shows It Has Locked The Power Play Table (opens in new tab) A month ago the latest Radeon RX 7000 series graphics processors didn’t support one of the popular overclocking methods. At the timeNow it looks like AMD has completely locked down power play table operations with their RDNA 3 GPUs.Namely, the More Power Tool utility (opens in new tab) Newer cards can no longer be supported, and overclocking is essentially limited to AMD’s Adrenalin software.

“[When it comes to power play tables]almost everything is double and triple protected,” wrote one of the More Power Tools developers. CapFrameX.[To make things work,] I would have to rewrite the firmware and drivers, which I can’t do. Not even Linux. Therefore, there is no MPT for him in RDNA3. This time AMD really messed it up. “

AMD’s Radeon RX 7900 series graphics boards are among the best graphics cards you can buy today, so it’s no surprise that enthusiasts want to push them to the limit. As of now, it is not possible to do this without a tool like MPT. How big an impact that will have on market popularity and AMD’s GPU market share remains to be seen, but certainly such a restriction would reduce adoption by enthusiasts.

Software such as More Power Tool allows users to boost voltages to optimize voltage curves and bypass firmware limitations for better overclocking. This could lead to higher clocks and more stable overclocks, assuming there is adequate cooling. However, with RDNA 3, AMD has decided to change the way it modifies his GPU power playtable. This makes programs like MPT useless. Apparently there is no way to add RDNA 3 support to More Power Tools unless AMD changes their minds and allows developers to do so.

In fact, firmware flashing is controlled by AMD’s Platform Security Processor, so even a “simple” firmware update (because it changes the voltage or lets you use software to bypass AMD settings restrictions) Doesn’t work on Radeon RX 7000 series GPUs.

“By the way, firmware flashing is also controlled through the PSP, and AMD software can no longer be easily hacked into allowing it to be flashed,” said the developer. “I pay for power limits and features now because it only seems to work with external programmers, but I can’t change or enable them later.”

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