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Noctua Confirms Its AMD AM4 Compatible Coolers Will Also Support AM5 Platforms

One of the most popular premium PC cooling companies has announced some interesting news for those looking to upgrade to AMD Ryzen 7000 series ‘Raphael’ processors.Today, Nocture officially Confirmed All Socket AM4 (PGA1331) compatible coolers and mounting kits will support any Socket AM5 (LGA1718) platform you plan to build.

There is currently one exception. The NH-L9a-AM4 low profile cooler and NM-AM4-L9aL9i mounting kit are not compatible with AM5 at the time of writing. Noctua will not dissuade you from achieving a 100% record. That said, the new NM-AM5-L9aL9i kit will be available free of charge to CPU cooler owners from the end. of October.Additionally, newer versions of NH-L9a Cooler Expected to already include AM5 mounting hardware in Q1 2023.

(currently) annoying Noctua NH-L9a (Image credit: Noctua)

As part of the news release, Noctua included a statement from CEO Roland Mossig, boasting that since 2006, when the AM2 was cutting edge, Noctua has been offering free mounting upgrade kits to AMD customers. Sockets sold from 2019 “support AM5 out of the box”. Noctua stresses that coolers up to 2015 can handle the latest AMD desktop platforms, whether or not you want a free mounting upgrade.

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