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Noctua Launches $10 NM-SD1 and SD2 Screwdrivers

Drivers seem to be the latest trend, and we see Noctua entering the PC DIY enthusiast driver market with their first discrete product. His new Noctua NM-SD1 is a Torx T20 (star-shaped) chip driver and the Noctua NM-SD2 features a Phillips PH2 (cross-shaped) chip. both drivers It features a fairly long 150mm (6 inch) shaft, a magnetic tip and a large comfortable grip. Noctua has chosen these two tips as they offer the best compatibility with SecuFirm2+, SecuFirm and SecuFirm2 cooler mounting systems.

The Noctua tool is very similar to the well-established screwdriver sold by Germany-based Wera Tools. Noctua made no mention of such a relationship with Wera. Due to the difference between Noctua’s warranty (shorter) and price (cheaper), Noctua products may be Wera-inspired rather than manufactured.

Noctua and Wera – Partnership or Inspiration? (Image credit: Noctua)

It’s also worth pointing out that these drivers are not “Noctua’s answer” to the $70 Linus Tech Tips drivers. Noctua makes it clear that these are designed for easy and convenient fixation of his SecuFirm mounts. However, his Noctua NM-SD2 with PH2 chip will probably be a very useful long range driver as this philips chip is one of the most widely used drivers for home DIY etc. I guess. The LTT driver is a completely different beast with a ratcheting mechanism. , interchangeable bits (PH0, PH1, PH2, H2, H2.5, H4, SL2, SL4, SL6, SQ1, SQ2, and 5×5 magnet bits), 82.2mm (3.2 inch) shafts, and prices.

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