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Noctua’s New Cooler Mounting to Lower Temps of AMD’s AM5 CPUs

AMD’s latest Ryzen 7000 series CPUs in the AM5 package are well known for their hot operating temperatures. High performance coolers, such as all-in-one liquid cooling systems, usually solve this problem. It looks like Noctua has another way to improve cooling performance without spending too much money on a cooler. Apparently, offsetting the CPU cooler mount by 7mm can lower the temperature of the processor by up to 3°C.

There are several reasons why AMD’s Ryzen 7000 series processors based on the Zen 4 microarchitecture will require better cooling than their predecessors. First, it has an Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) that is thicker than that of its predecessor, presumably to maintain compatibility with his AM4 cooler. Second, the location of the Ryzen 7000’s Core Complex Die (CCD) closer to the southern edge of the socket further complicates cooling. Noctua found that optimizing the position of the heatsink on these CCDs and enhancing the contact pressure dramatically improved the cooler’s performance and lowered the CPU temperature.

Results may vary due to variables such as heat flux density, CPU and radiator tolerances, and thermal paste application. Still, Noctua says that the new mounting offset could drop the core temperature of the top tier AM5 CPU by 1-3°C. These reductions can result in better CPU cooling efficiency, higher boost clocks, lower fan speeds and noise levels. These benefits are especially important for gaming systems using the latest and greatest processors and graphics cards. Meanwhile, the new bars also improve cooling for his AM4 CPU.

“Since AMD introduced the first chiplet processors that moved the hotspot to the south side of the socket, we’ve been experimenting with offset implementations, with AM4 showing relatively small improvements in the 0.5-1 degree range. I didn’t see it,” he said. Roland Mossig, CEO of Noctua. “The new he achieved typical improvements in the range of 1-3°C with the AM5 platform and its different heat spreader design. So this will be a very interesting performance upgrade for his Ryzen 7000 users. think.”

Noctua plans to update the cooler bundle to include offset bars, but this won’t happen until Q4 2023. To that end, Noctua offers customers to get one of her four mounting kits (NM-AMB12, NM-AMB13, NM-AMB13). NM-AMB14 and NM-AMB15 — Buy ​​existing AM4 and AM5 coolers directly or from Amazon at iconic prices.

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