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Noctua’s White Fans Disappear From Roadmap

Cooling specialist Noctua updated roadmap Edition marked “Version 5/2023”.last update was back in january, note that there are interesting changes, both added and removed from the list. Our main observation is that Noctua’s long-awaited white fan has been completely removed from the roadmap. Previously he was scheduled for 2024.

Another change of concern is Noctua’s notification of delays on many other products. On the positive side, the next-gen Threadripper cooler is scheduled for Q3 and 3 of the existing desktop CPU coolers are getting the treatment which is scheduled for Q4 of this year. I understand this.

PC builders like options, so Noctua’s products are on our list of the best CPU coolers. Those who object to Noctua’s signature colors of coffee and cream often prefer neutral shades like black and white. It seems that we have entered a new period of uncertain desires. We reached out to Noctua hoping that the omission of white fans in their latest roadmap was an oversight rather than a product planning decision. there is. Anything in the small print on the official roadmap that isn’t on the roadmap “usually takes at least another year for him to be released,” he said, according to Noctua.

(Image credit: Noctua)

In the handy January and May roadmap comparison above, we can also see that the following products are delayed by (another) quarter or more: 8-Way Fan Hub, Slim 60mm Fan, 24V 40mm Fan, Next generation 140mm fan, and next generation NH-D15 CPU cooler. The latter product, which simply says ‘2024’ in the last column of its roadmap and has no mention of a quarter, could be delayed by more than a quarter.

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