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Nvidia Allegedly Reimburses Partners For RTX 4080 12GB Cancellation

Earlier in the week, Nvidia dropped the Ada Lovelace family bombshell. The GeForce RTX 4080 12GB has shared that it has decided to cancel its launch following widespread criticism of this SKU on a wide range of media, social media and tech forums. Essentially, many people thought his low-spec RTX 4080 was too small to be properly named. Along with the reduced memory quota that is evident from the product name, the narrower memory bus and roughly 25% fewer CUDA cores were too much for die-hard fans to swallow at this stage of RTX40’s rollout.

At this stage in the product family launch, Nvidia couldn’t change the situation without severely impacting its partners. It will therefore be interesting to hear about the costs faced by partners in re-labeling, re-boxing, re-branding and re-flashing what was supposed to be released as a GeForce RTX 4080 12GB product. Preparing new artwork, printing, cutting and folding high quality boxes is not cheap and labor costs. Then you may need a new label on your hardware cooler or his PCB depending on what is printed. Last but not least, these GPUs must be re-flashed with an appropriately renamed BIOS and supported by drivers recognized by the new name.

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