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Nvidia Boosts Orders of Compute GPUs for AI: Report

Nvidia is placing more orders for advanced packaging services at TSMC due to increased demand for computing GPUs for AI applications. DigiTimes reports. Nvidia seems so optimistic about the demand for computing GPUs with CoWoS (Chip on Wafer on Substrate) packaging that it has placed additional orders throughout the year.

TSMC has reportedly pledged to process an additional 10,000 CoWoS wafers for Nvidia through 2023 to meet growing demand for its widely used AI chips. The report estimates that this means 1,000 to 2,000 wafers will be added each month for the rest of the year. The article doesn’t reveal which computing GPUs Nvidia plans to ramp up, but currently the company’s lineup includes his A100, A30, H100, and his China-specific A800 and H800. I have a GPU.

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