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Nvidia Uses Neural Network for Innovative Texture Compression Method

Nvidia introduced a new texture compression method this week that offers 4x higher resolution than traditional block truncation coding (BTC, BC) methods while having similar storage requirements. The core concept of the proposed approach is to compress multiple material textures and their mipmap chains together and decompress them using a neural network trained for a specific decompression pattern. In theory, this method could also impact future GPU architectures. However, for now, this method has limitations.

(Image credit: Nvidia)

new requirements

Recent advances in real-time rendering for video games have enabled the use of techniques such as physically-based shading, ray tracing, path tracing for photorealistic modeling of materials, and denoising for accurate global illumination. Approaching cinematic visual quality. Texturing technology, on the other hand, hasn’t really progressed at the same pace, as texture compression techniques have remained essentially the same as they were in his late 1990s.

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