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Nvidia’s Geforce RTX 3090 Ti Is Down to Its Lowest Price: Real Deals

It’s definitely a halo product. It’s big, expensive, and overkill for many use case scenarios. Nvidia’s flagship GPU, the RTX 3090 Ti, is $1,099 at Best Buy (opens in new tab)You could theoretically get it even cheaper, but that would require using a Best Buy credit card or already owning the card and adding a 10% discount. We can see where the RTX 3090 Ti ranks in the GPU tier. (opens in new tab) to get an idea of ​​its performance.

If you’re looking for a gaming laptop under $1,500 (opens in new tab)Dear Sir, We have some great laptop deals for you is it Lenovo’s Ideapad Gaming 3 (2022) Gaming Laptop for just $779 (opens in new tab)with AMD Ryzen 5 6600H CPU and Nvidia RTX 3050 GPU inside?

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