On Truth Social, F.B.I. Search Prompts Talk of War, Then Conspiracy

Predictions of an impending civil war and calls for violence appeared earlier this week on social media platforms such as Truth Social, a network started by former President Donald J. Trump after the FBI court-approved his Florida home on Monday. soared.

The investigation resulted in the seizure of classified documents and an immediate outburst of offensive and threatening language, according to a copy of the warrant obtained by The New York Times on Friday. Until the attacks on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

A Truth Social user posted that the US was born “by the riots and years of bloody violence that followed” and that “if we don’t pick up our weapons and fight back, we will become a communist state!!” . There is the story, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants,” a phrase from a letter by Thomas Jefferson, and “It unfortunately takes a little violence to wipe out the dangerous pests.” may be necessary.”

“Not a nice guy anymore,” wrote one user. “We are at war. Promise me not to be polite,” wrote another.”Lock and Load,” his third user wrote.

An account bearing the name of Ricky Shiffer, who was killed by police in Ohio on Thursday and ended a standoff allegedly started by officials after he tried to break into the FBI’s Cincinnati office, posted a message on Truth Social. and posted a message recommending “Patriots”. Go to Florida and kill a federal agent. On Thursday, the same account also appeared to confess to his attacks on the FBI.

In a recent series of posts, the account lashed out at law enforcement, issuing a “call for arms”, saying that for two years “they’ve been conditioning us to accept tyranny.” When someone asked if he was proposing terrorism, the account replied, “I’m proposing war.” It was not immediately possible to confirm whether it was from a year old).

The sentiment towards Trump’s social media networks has spread to other platforms as well. One of the Proud Boys Telegram channels used by hundreds of members of the extremist group posted “a civil war is imminent” hours after the search. According to Dataminr, a tool that analyzes Twitter data, Twitter saw a 10-fold increase in tweets mentioning “civil war” in the first 24 hours after the attack.

Later that week, however, another narrative, promoted without evidence by other prominent Truth Social users, gained momentum: Calls for violence were led by federal law enforcement officers or Democratic operatives to right-wing patriotism. The gist of what the conspiracy theory says is that the Biden administration should either strip Trump supporters of their guns or set up a pretext for martial law. It is to give cover.

Far-right commentator Jack Posobiek wrote on Truth Social on Thursday, “Anyone posting about being violent right now is the Federal Reserve.” The news site Conservative recommends “letting people think that those who advocate ‘civil war’ or violence of any kind are plants hoping to help uphold left-wing narratives.” I’m here.

Another right-wing commentator, Lara Logan, posted a video on Friday of an anti-FBI sign reading “Trump 2024 MAGA” twisting in the air on the other side, writing: time. “

In a comment to her post, someone wrote:

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