Ondo Finance launches tokenized US Treasuries, bonds for stablecoin holders

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Ondo finance for DeFi farms launch A tokenized fund that allows stablecoin holders to invest in bonds and US Treasuries.

office offer There are three products: US Treasury Bond Fund (OUSG), Short Term Investment Grade Bond Fund (OSTB) and High Yield Corporate Bond Fund (OHYG). These products are short-term US Treasuries and bonds in popular his ETFs managed by companies such as Blackrock and PIMCO.

OUSG has an annual yield (APY) of 4.62%, while OSTB has a slightly higher APY of 5.45%. OHYG offers an annual profit of 8.02%.

Ondo Finance, on the other hand, charges an annual management fee of 0.15%.

CEO Nathan Allman Said:

“One of our goals is to allow investors to quickly and easily exchange between stablecoins and traditional assets. The focus will be on low-risk products.”

Allman added that stablecoin owners, along with DAOs and startups, are most likely to benefit from his company’s proposal.

Ondo Raises $20 million In a series A round led by Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund and Pantera Capital in April 2022. Raised That same year, another $10 million through a public token sale.

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