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One Redfall Mission Location Is Bigger Than Prey’s Entire Talos Space Station

Arkane reveals that only one section of Redfall’s map is larger in size than the entire Talos I, Prey’s space station setting.

As part of the “Bringing Redfall to Life” panel at Quakecon 2022, Karen Segars, Art Director of Redfall said: Redfall’s size is like “hold my beer” on that one of hers. ”

To illustrate just how big Redfall’s open world is, Arkane Austin’s studio director Harvey Smith recalled a fun moment early in development. “Jim McGill got his Talos massively and dropped it in the middle of the farm. [in Redfall’s second district area]Of course, the district eats the entire space station. Huge. ”

Aaron Carter, Redfall’s lead producer, added, “It was about the size of a real farm area. It’s just one mission.”

As you can see, Redfall is the largest world Arkane has ever created. While Talos I’s ability to fit the entirety of the farm doesn’t quite take into account the multi-layered aspects of the station and its many passages and hidden spaces, it’s true that Redfall has a lot to offer in terms of how Prey does. gives a good idea of ​​what to dwarf. size. The farm the station can stop at is his one segment of one district, and Redfall is made up of two different districts.

Redfall – Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

Still, don’t expect Redfall to be one of the biggest worlds ever created. “It’s an open world, but it’s not an open world based on the scale of a vehicle, it’s an open world based on foot,” explains Smith. A drive-around game like GTA needs to be much bigger than just a running and walking world.

For more on Redfall, check out how Arkane had to rethink the “too open” open world. Also, check out our interviews with the developers about how the magic of classic Dishonored and Prey can be found in co-op games. The developer also recently revealed that the vampire gods will be his Redfall bosses.

Matt Purslow is IGN’s UK news and features editor.

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