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ONYX BOOX Tab Ultra ePaper Tablet Launches with Qualcomm Snapdragon 662

The e-paper market has experienced steady growth over the past decade, starting with the introduction of the Amazon Kindle in 2007. There are many vendors trying to find success with the technology needed in this space, but E-Ink’s products have the upper hand. roost.

The most popular category of products using E-Ink technology is undoubtedly eBook readers. Recently, digital notebooks and notepads have also emerged as a key driver of the expansion of E-Ink. These products add electronic pen/stylus support to regular e-readers. These products were initially very expensive and aimed at business professionals who dealt with a large amount of paperwork and needed note-taking support (such as lawyers). The Sony DPT lineup (review) has become one of the leading products in this category.As the market grows, vendors such as conspicuous When onyx It also launched a compelling product launch, expanding its target market to include creative professionals and students.This category was launched on Amazon a few months ago. Kindle Scribe (And we expect to start shipping in time for the holiday season.)

ONYX has been serving the e-reader market since 2006. E-book readers (both grayscale and color), e-paper tablets that support note-taking, and even e-ink He has a wide range of monitors. Today, the company is launching a new category: ePaper tablet PCs. The first product in this lineup is his ONYX BOOX Tab Ultra. This is his 10.3 inch unit with a 16MP rear camera. An external device as a middleman, this device targets the professional use case, note that ONYX already has his BOOX Note Air 2 Plus with almost the same functionality.

The ONYX BOOX Tab Ultra is ONYX’s first e-reader model to utilize a proprietary fast refresh algorithm implemented using a separate hardware module on board. The company uses it in its Mira lineup of E-Ink monitors, and its use in e-readers is believed to improve the user experience of web content. Scrolling, in particular, has been a weak point for E-Ink tablets due to their low refresh rate. The actual improvement brought by his ONYX ‘BSR’ (BOOX Super Refresh) algorithm in this aspect requires practical evaluation for further analysis. The system supports four different modes for each task. Reading a book doesn’t require a fast refresh and is available in ‘HD mode’, but typing requires ‘balanced mode’. You can use “fast mode” for web browsing and “super fast mode” for general Android applications.

BOOX Tab Ultra utilizes Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 SoC (4x Kyro Gold (A73-class) @ 2GHz + 4x Kyro Silver (A53-class) @ 1.8 GHz, Adreon 610 GPU) and comes with a special version of Android. 11 (including Play Store support). The unit is equipped with a 6300 mAh battery, 4 GB of LPDDR4x DRAM, and 128 GB of eMMC flash storage. The system’s USB-C port also supports OTG functionality and a micro-SDXC card slot. A keyboard case with a magnetic holder for the Tab Ultra is also available.

ONYX has a reputation for long support cycles and provides regular firmware updates to enhance the functionality of ePaper tablets. A recent firmware update brings a tablet-like experience to the user interface. A home screen with apps and a favorites dock at the bottom. By using Android on its tablets (compared to custom OSes on other products such as Kindle Scribe and reMarkable tablets), ONYX offers a host of personal knowledge management apps that customers can use for note-taking and data gathering. I argue that it can be used. Another recent addition relates to relating different pages within different documents using easy-to-create tags.

The ONYX BOOX Tab Ultra is available for pre-order today, $600 price tag. The company also Nova Air 2 A stylus-enabled 7.8-inch e-paper tablet for $400, Leaf 2 A 7-inch e-reader is $200. ONYX usually doesn’t hesitate to experiment with innovative ideas in the e-paper space (they’re one of the first vendors to launch a color e-reader), equipped with an e-reader/digital notebook doing. Equipping it with a rear-facing camera is another interesting move by the company. establish the position of

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