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Optical Discs at $5 per TB? Folio Photonics Attempts a New Spin

Ohio-based Folio Photonics announced Its new active (stylized “ACTIVE”) read/write optical disc format. The new disks are claimed to hold 1 TB each and will be packaged in a 10-disk caddy. The feature of this optical disc is that it can be produced at “absolutely low cost”. Using next-generation materials and efficient production techniques, ACTIVE disks cost less than $5/TB with a roadmap of $1/TB.

Despite many pushing ODD technology into the dustbin of tech history alongside floppy disks and the like, Folio Photonics seems very confident in its new format. Folio Photonics CEO Steven Santamaria said in his release to the press that his new ACTIVE disc “overcomes historical constraints and brings unprecedented cost, cybersecurity and sustainability benefits within reach.” boasted that it offers a ‘fresh approach to optical storage that puts it in place’.

(Image credit: Foliophotonics)

Santa Maria’s claim was supported by seasoned IT industry analyst John Monroe. John Monroe praised the new optical format and Active He provided insight into the technology behind optical discs. Today’s Archive His discs use only three layers at best, but active discs are made with next-generation materials, a patented polymer extrusion, and a film-based disc construction process, he said. explains Monroe. The disc works in conjunction with a customized optical pickup unit to facilitate discs with up to 16 film layers per side. Additionally, Folio Photonics has a roadmap that will add layers over time, driving media costs down to $1 per TB.

Deployment of Active Disk Technology is scheduled to begin in 2024, with 10 disk caddies supporting 10 TB. Expected cost of $5 per TB is about one-fifth of HDD. Continuing this comparison, HDDs consume up to 80% more power. So in two key respects (price per TB and running cost) Active is the clear leader compared to HDD storage. This TCO win should be attractive to companies interested in easily accessible archives.

Folio Active Disc

(Image credit: Foliophotonics)

folio photonics claims that its active discs are made from sustainable materials. Nonetheless, there seems to be little compromise when it comes to disc durability, as the media has a life span of he 100 years, is immune to radiation and water, and is resistant to heat, cold, and moisture.

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