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Our Titanfall 3 Dreams Might Be Dead – Unlocked 581

A busy week of Xbox news discusses the recent cancellation of Respawn’s secret Titanfall single-player project and why, unfortunately, we’ll never see Titanfall again. But what does this mean for the industry? And how will DC’s plans to integrate video games into the DCU affect developers? We’ve added some great new features to celebrate an important part of , including Tim Schafer inducted into the Hall of Fame and much more!

Subscribe to your favorite podcast feeds and YouTube channelagain Get the MP3 of this week’s episodeFor more great content, check out our interview with Todd Howard, who answered all of our Starfield questions after the big reveal at the Xbox Showcase.

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Ryan McCaffrey is IGN’s Executive Editor of Previews and host of IGN’s weekly Xbox show. podcast unlockedas well as the monthly (ish) interview show, IGN UnfilteredHe’s from Northern Jersey, so it’s a “Taylor ham” rather than a “pork roll.” Discuss with him on Twitter @DMC_Ryan.

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