Over Two Million Infant Swings and Rockers Recalled After Baby’s Death

More than 2 million baby swings and lockers were recalled Monday for posing a strangulation hazard after a baby died and another was rescued from an entanglement.

The restraining straps on the Mamalou Swing and Rockeroo Rocker hang under the seat when not in use and can get caught in them by crawling toddlers. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission states:.

4moms, the company behind both models, said, “We have received two reports of entanglement incidents where toddlers crawled under their seats and then became entangled in the straps under an empty MamaRoo toddler swing. Among them was a 10-month-old infant who died of suffocation, a safety commission statement said. I was rescued.

4moms CEO Gary Waters said in an emailed statement that the company is “deeply saddened by the two incidents” and remains committed to “the highest quality and safety standards.” said there is.

Consumers with crawling infants were advised to stop using the recalled product and place it in a place inaccessible to children. fleece strap fastener Retain the strap when not in use to eliminate safety concerns, according to the company and its Product Safety Commission.

“We take consumer feedback very seriously and work closely with our product development and engineering teams to continuously improve our line of baby gear products to meet the needs of parents and their families. 4moms spokeswoman Amie Ley Stanton said in an email. .

2 million MamaRoo swings and 220,000 RockaRoo rockers were sold in the US, and an additional 60,000 MamaRoo swings and 10,000 RockaRoo rockers were sold in Canada. According to the Safety Commission, a mammaloo is a swing with a variety of movements, speeds and sounds, while a rockaroo is a rocker with a back-and-forth gliding motion.

The recall includes versions 1.0 and 2.0 (model 4M-005), version 3.0 (model 1026), and version 4.0 (model 1037) of MamaRoo products with a 3-point harness. RockaRoo’s recall is for model 4M-012.

Both product lines were sold at BuyBuy Baby and Target stores, as well as online at Amazon and the 4moms website, according to the Safety Commission. The rocker will sell for $160 to $250 between January 2010 and August 2022.

“We also establish relationships with external, independent, internationally accredited testing laboratories, specifically aimed at regular testing of our products throughout their lifecycle,” Stanton said. increase.

The latest MamaRoo swing (model 1046), which went on sale in July, was not included in the recall, she said. Upon release, the design of the harness and strap has been renewed.

For more information, contact 4moms at 877-870-7390 or The company said it will contact all known buyers directly.

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