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Overwatch 2: Blizzard Acknowledges Battle Pass Problems, Promises Better

Fans of Overwatch 2 aren’t entirely happy with the game’s rewards and cosmetics, especially given the high cost, and neither is Blizzard.

in the meantime long blog postnew Overwatch 2 executive producer Jared Noyce has revealed that Blizzard is planning big changes to how the season pass works.

“For Season 2, we changed the rewards a bit so that there are skins you can earn for playing in each event in addition to the other cosmetic rewards we already offer,” he explained. Notably, the game’s recent Halloween his Terror event offered little reward other than a voice line, a few titles, and his XP.

“We will also continue our Twitch Drops program so you can earn skins and in-game goodies by supporting your favorite creators,” he added. “We are working on our long-term plans, but we want the upcoming seasons to be more challenging than Season 1.”

Improving the Battle Pass rewards would go a long way, especially if this included additional free skins… but there’s more to do in the long run.

Thankfully, Blizzard will be even more expensive when it comes to Season 3.

“For Season 3 and beyond, we are looking at a combination of changes to the Battle Pass, more interesting challenges to pursue, and a more exciting play-focused progression system for you to delve into. We’ll be able to talk to you, but other changes may take some time to lock in.”

What this means for Overwatch 2 remains to be seen, and monetization has proven to be a bit of a sticky point since the game moved to free-to-play. Because it was cheaper to buy in real life than in.

However, the company seems to want to strike the right balance.

“We’re not completely happy with how everything is feeling right now.” It feels great to get something new for our heroes! But we also recognize that today’s experience has opportunities for improvement that we need to focus on.”

IGN’s review of Overwatch 2 was 8/10, stating: The future definitely looks bright with Overwatch shining again as it once did in the multiplayer shooter scene, and with it slated for the next few months. ”

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