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Overwatch 2 Offering Double XP and Free Skin as Apology For Rough Launch

Blizzard gave players double XP, weapon charms, and free skins to compensate for Overwatch 2’s rough launch.

The developer has apologized to fans for the initial issue blog post, also announced that it would be running several Double XP weekends for players to catch up, as the game was often unplayable in the first week. For days, Overwatch 2 was plagued with long queue times, controversial policies, and the removal of certain heroes.

Those who log in between October 25th and December 6th will also receive a new Legendary Skin for the Cursed Captain Reaper, along with the Health Pack weapon charm.

โ€œSince the launch of Overwatch 2, we have been overwhelmed by your excitement and incredibly moved by the sheer number of people who have experienced the game. We are aware of the encounter,” Blizzard said in a post. .

โ€œWe are committed to consistently investigating issues as they arise, working quickly to fix them, and being transparent with the community about the status of Overwatch 2.โ€

Blizzard was hit with multiple DDoS attacks that left many players unable to access Overwatch 2 at all, causing problems shortly after the game’s release. Further problems arose as a result of the new Blizzard his policy requiring players to connect a phone number to their account before playing.

This requirement was implemented as a security feature, but Blizzard quickly backtracked and removed the feature for most players, requiring only players with new accounts to attach a phone number.

However, further controversy arose when fans with prepaid phone packages were unable to play Overwatch 2 because it was deemed unsuitable for the service.

Blizzard was then forced to temporarily remove Bastion and Torbjorn from Overwatch 2. This was because both characters were severely bugged and the former’s ultimate was completely broken. A bug normally allowed the player to fire an attack that could fire up to three powerful blasts within a few seconds, as many times as the player could within that time.

Ryan Dinsdale is an IGN freelancer. He talks about witchers all day long.

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