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Park Beyond Hands-On: A Park Simulator That Lets You Build The Impossible

Playing out the fantasy of owning and running your own theme park is a lot of fun, but if you can create a masterpiece of excitement that could never exist in real life due to technical limitations and the laws of physics, what’s possible? You don’t have to limit yourself to just that. , and the inevitable mountain of lawsuits? That’s the core problem behind Park Beyond. This theme park simulator blends a realistic park management simulation with over-the-top, incredibly silly rides and roller coasters that literally go off the rails. While I enjoyed the highly detailed and painstakingly realistic park management features, its mishmashing of realism with intentionally unrestrained possibilities within the park’s attractions kept me drawn in, meanwhile It was a deadly combination that struck all the right notes with me and helped me embrace my inner park trepreneurs.

In many ways, Park Beyond is exactly what you’d expect from a theme park simulator. Primarily concerned with developing playgrounds for customers to enjoy while making a profit to build new and exciting attractions. ) there is. In one instance, after taking out a loan to help pay for a highly ambitious roller coaster ride, I was nervously hoping my huge bets would pay off, driving my depleted financial resources dangerously close to bankruptcy. It’s the foundation of any simulation game, but as the name suggests, Park Beyond is all about mixing it with what you can never escape in real life.

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This is where “impossibility” comes into play. This is a feature that allows park attractions to store the joy they create for their customers as resources that can be spent performing feats that would never exist in a real theme park. Abandon turned park patrons into insane and hilarious monster attacks that throw them into the air. My rocking pirate ship ride, on the other hand, fell apart like the Titanic ride, with the shattered pieces starting to rock in different directions and finally being reassembled. I only got to play the Impossification, so I only got to see a fraction of what was possible, but seeing these unhinged creations come to life makes me feel better than most other simulators. Motivation to develop your own park is already high.

I turned my milquetoast octopus ride into a crazy, hilarious kaiju attack, throwing park patrons into the air with reckless abandon.

I was also able to create a roller coaster from scratch. It had unique disabling options such as ramps that could pull the roller coaster off the rails, cannons that could launch customers into the air, and tunnels through deep underground and mountains. more. Of course, the laws of physics couldn’t be completely blown away. For example, it was expected to use a chain lift truck to drag the coaster upward and then send it downward. I also had to be aware of how fast the roller coaster was accelerating so as not to send paying customers off a cliff. I mean, just because Park Beyond deals with the impossible doesn’t make me completely irrational…is it?

Even better, once the ride was complete, I was able to sit in the customer’s seat and complete my own creation. , became my ultimate reward for turning it into something unique and the best.

Vehicles aren’t the only things that can become impossible. I also used to play my staff in disbelief, like when I did to one of the janitor I hired. Environmentally Friendly? No, it’s still an impressive sight.

So far, Park Beyond has captured my interest with its combination of down-to-earth park management and larger-than-life rides. I look forward to coming up with more fantastic creations when it launches next year.

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