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Passive AMD Radeon RX 6400 Mod Dwarfs Compact Graphics Card PCB

Silent PC enthusiast and redditor cancel Showing off a very interesting AMD Radeon RX 6400 mod (h/t fanless tech). Modifications consisted of removing the stock active cooler, precision machining a 3mm copper cold plate and mount (covering both GPU and memory), and then clamping onto the Arctic Accelero S1 passive cooler (discontinued) meant In testing, the project was a resounding success. Under load, the GPU was running just over 50 degrees Celsius.

Silence is gold, so passive PC systems have a strong following. However, using passive coolers to cool more powerful PC components dominate your buildWe have seen this with some Recent implementation of passive coolers and cases. But to be fair, the revocases RX 6400 mod doesn’t fit in this category.

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