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Patriot Teases 12.4 GB/s Viper PV553 PCIe Gen5 x4 SSD

California-based Patriot Group teasing (PDF) Ultra-fast new SSD, due to be fully unveiled at Computex 2023 in a few weeks. The new Patriot Viper PV553 is one of the latest breed of PCIe Gen5 x4 M.2 SSDs, advertised with a top transfer rate of 12.4 GB/s. If it lives up to its promise, the new Patriot Viper PV553 will push the ranks of the best SSDs of 2023.

Not much is known about the new Patriot Viper PV553 as it is still in the pre-launch stage. For example, I don’t know which controller or his NAND will be used. Here are the key facts we know about this SSD so far:

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Patriot Viper PV553 SSD


M.2 form factor PCIe Gen5 x4 SSD

Maximum sequential read speed


Maximum sequential write speed



Active cooler with vented heatsink

Given the recent (bad) news about PCIe Gen5 SSDs overheating, throttling and even dying completely, it’s nice to see Patriot’s Viper PV553 have an active cooler as standard (not an option). That’s it. A small fan can be seen at the end of the connector, followed by a grooved and vented design that appears to be covered by an aluminum shield. The overall design makes me think that as the fan rotates, it plugs up various holes, creating some kind of music. One final observation is that the Viper PV533 seems to avoid his RGB LED lighting.

(Image credit: Patriot)

We hope the Patriot Viper PV553 lives up to its performance claims. If it does, you’ll have one of the fastest new-generation PCIe Gen5 SSDs available, alongside the Crucial T700 (which also hit 12.4 GB). s).

(Image credit: Patriot)

Patriot isn’t just launching new PCIe Gen5 SSDs as part of its revamped Viper gaming storage series. Computex will also be talking about an update to their PCIe Gen4 SSD lineup, as well as a RAM showcase centered around Viper Xtreme 5 DDR5 extreme performance memory and Viper Elite 5 DDR5 mainstream performance memory. Also on display will be a number of new peripherals and a showcase of the recently released Viper VXD M.2 SSD Enclosure.

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