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Persona 3 Reload for Nintendo Switch Rumours Spiral Following Play Asia Listing

Rumors surrounding the Nintendo Switch version of Persona 3 Reload began circulating after the game was listed on online retailer Play Asia.

according to reports comicbook.comTwitter user Until persona posted a screenshot (below) of the list showing the Switch version alongside the already confirmed PlayStation 5 and Xbox series versions.

A now-deleted Reddit post claims that Play Asia contacted customer service and said the Switch version of Persona 3 Reload was not a mistake on the company’s part. However, neither publisher Atlus nor Nintendo themselves have commented on this, so this information is far from official.

The list certainly suggests it’s coming to Switch, but with the newly announced Persona 5 Tactica already confirmed to be coming to Switch, fans are wondering why Atlus is coming to Switch. I’m wondering if this announcement will be saved for a later date, perhaps during the Nintendo Direct.

Both that and Persona 3 Reload were announced during the 2023 Xbox Games Showcase. Persona 5 Tactica launches on his November 17th, with the original game’s cast returning in his more strategy-focused RPG. Persona 3 Reload, on the other hand, is a direct remake of the original.

This means it doesn’t include Persona 3 Fes or Portable content, and Reload doesn’t have the option to play as a female protagonist.

Nintendo fans wanting to play the remake on Switch will have to wait and see if Nintendo makes any official announcements, but history is tilting in their favor. Both Persona 4 Golden and Persona 5 Royal already existed on the system alongside Persona 3 Portable, and the launch of the aforementioned Persona 5 Tactica is a testament to this relationship between Atlus and Nintendo. suggesting that it is not finished yet.

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