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Phil Spencer: Call of Duty Will Continue to Ship on PlayStation ‘As Long As There’s a PlayStation to Ship To”

Xbox’s Phil Spencer says that if Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard is finalized, the company will continue to ship Call of Duty on PlayStation as long as there are PlayStation consoles to ship to.

Above Same Brain YouTube Channel, Spencer says (starting at 28:40): that’s not our intention. Our intention is not to do that, but to keep shipping Call of Duty on PlayStation as long as there are PlayStations to ship to. It’s similar to what I’ve been doing with Minecraft since I owned it. “

He goes on to reiterate how Microsoft has been making Minecraft available on other platforms and how Xbox may be able to do the same with Call of Duty in the next few years. Spencer also says that players are investing more time into his ecosystem on each console, and the most notable change is more games coming to Game Pass. Spencer also said he would love to see the series on Nintendo Switch.

Elsewhere, PlayStation today revealed that the recent launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was the largest PlayStation Store launch to date for a game in the franchise, including pre-orders and day one sales. I made it

Spencer has reiterated his intention to keep Call of Duty on Sony’s platform, but PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan said earlier this year that Microsoft will keep the franchise on PlayStation even after the existing deal expires. I made it clear that I was only offering it for three years.

The acquisition is currently pending by the UK Competition Markets Authority, New York City and the US Department of Justice. Notably, the UK competition watchdog has recently begun seeking public opinion on the issue. Brazil has already approved the acquisition, saying its aim is to protect consumers and not PlayStation’s own interests.

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