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Phil Spencer Insists His Xbox Games Showcase T-Shirt Did Not Tease a New Hexen Game

If you watched yesterday’s Xbox Game Showcase event, you may have noticed that the t-shirt Phil Spencer wore was a print of the box art from the ’90s fantasy FPS shooter Hexen: Beyond Heretic. not. Many wondered if Spencer was making fun of the impending announcement, but unfortunately that suspicion is untrue.

Well, he says,

in an interview with polygon, Spencer insisted he wasn’t making fun of the game’s revival. “That’s not what I was trying to announce in advance,” Spencer said. “But I was the one who recognized the importance of some games in our portfolio.”

Spencer went on to elaborate a bit more on how Hexen was his “favorite” game, pointing out that the shirt was for nostalgia and had no underlying underlying meaning beyond that. .

“So for me, [Hexen] The shirt was more of a nostalgia expression than a tease,” Spencer explained. [games] We must protect it, nurture it, and one day take it back. “

Hexen: Beyond Heretic was developed by Raven Software and published by Id Software, creators of Doom, and released in 1995.

With Microsoft’s acquisition of the remaining assets of Id Software and ZeniMax Media in 2020, Xbox now owns the rights and may make another Heretic or Hexen game.

And if Xbox succeeds in acquiring Activision-Blizzard, perhaps the company could turn to Raven Software for development (again). we can only dream.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of the Xbox Showcase. We will also post here everything that was shown during the Starfield Direct. Check out the Summer of Gaming 2023 schedule to see what happens next.

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