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Phil Spencer Reaffirms Plans to Open Xbox Digital Store on Mobile

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has reaffirmed Microsoft’s decision to launch an Xbox mobile app store in time for the EU’s Digital Markets Act to come into force in March 2024.

“We want content from both Xbox and our third-party partners to be available on any screen that someone wants to play on,” Spencer explains. Interview with the Financial Times.

“We can’t do that with mobile devices today, but we want to build for the world these devices seem to open up to.”

He continues: I think he has a great chance. “

Last year, Microsoft filed a document with the UK Competition and Markets Authority, clarifying its intention to create an Xbox Mobile Store app.

Microsoft has struck deals with other companies such as Nintendo and cloud streaming services such as GeForce and Ubitus, while its efforts to bring Activision Blizzard content to as many platforms as possible have come under anti-competitive pressure from regulators on the merger. I hope to allay your concerns. .

Activision Blizzard has many mobile games such as Candy Crush Saga and Diablo: Immortal, accounting for more than half of its overall revenue in the first half of 2022.

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